Xn xx dedar meiwe

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Xn xx dedar meiwe

aeral: but when hrge legacies, given fbr Come pub- ]ick u not ? Filiu L without doing any real milch/el to mankind in ge. A tradefman may, by extortion, take two or three ' fifillifil? s"commhdity is-worth, of an old mixqr; or a 'ore ma ick a oun fi ndtlirift's pocket, W2? t to the King as far as was confident with the flatutes; the bifhop ask'd him, Whether he all thole flatute?

it will'follow, that to ember, fie or mifipply moneys or eftatea' bequeathed for that putpole, is, of'all frauda? p ' , p 'ga e riprind ple d men: infincenty and the fir R rudimentsof their education i they are traki'd u E)and tut? ahcn they grow up, fiartle at things which frighten illiterate men, who have not arm'd the'rr. bin timpie pro- ralfe to obey his King, until he isfi'xteen year'of age, which a child ot fix is able to do i and at the fame time �u?? e years of age, to fubfcribe thirty-nine articlesof religion, whith a man of tbreq?

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faire, the fiid perfort having long tince taken ano- ther holy lady to ?

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