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In this town that sort of thing barely merits a second thought, so it was nice she got to mourn for about 11 seconds.

But if we're being real, it seemed like Bonnie was mostly just sad about not being able to physically grope Jeremy in this, her hour of need. But anyway, who cares about some dead Cylon, let's get back to KATHERINE! Apparently after she'd left Jeremy for dead on the side of a highway, she wandered around in the woods all night? Except she looked real busted now and had to resort to flagging down cars for help.

Like, he'd shown up on campus to inform her that her brother had gone missing and then also ask her where her brother was?

I'm not sure why Damon didn't just strap on some floaties and take the plunge himself, but then again, yeah, a citizen being in mortal danger really does fall under Sheriff Forbes' jurisdiction. Okay got it, anyway, so this professor guy is also a doctor, which is only important because Elena saw that he'd forged her roommate's fraudulent death certificate that omitted any mention of vampire bites. Well, whatever, Elena definitely did not notice that Stefan wasn't Stefan, which was one of the more insulting things to have happened to Stefan in a while. But yeah, Katherine had a cold and she was miserable, and it was made all the more degrading by the fact that Jeremy and Matt were keeping her hog-tied in Matt's truck.Though it was charming how openly smitten both Elena and Caroline were by him despite both of them having boyfriends. This was another great and well-written bit of dialogue.Katherine openly groused about how many incredible things she'd overcome in her life (childbirth, Klaus, etc.) only to be nearly undone by some sniffles.And sure, maybe it's not exactly batting a thousand (which is a baseball euphemism that means "full intercourse") when it comes to successful plotlines, but considering it wrings four seasons' worth of story out of each season it airs, this show's success rate is astonishingly high.Let's see, how do I give examples of this show's psychic abilities without seeming too negative? It's almost like the show realized she was a waste of time and just called it a day?

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I guess the professor-doctor was part of some secret society that seemed not unlike the very terrible and incompetent secret society back in Mystic Falls.