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Despite including the Cast Interviews from Thumbtanic and the Gabba the Butt interview and Character Bios from Thumb Wars, the film lacks the commentary available on the single-film releases. UPN presents the twisted, all-thumbs spoof of the Star Wars movie franchise from the creative mind of Steve Oedekerk. (Nasdaq: DISK - news), a leading licensee and distributor of DVD programming in North America, today announced the Oct.

As of 2016, the film is left in development hell with an animated series currently in the works.

Jim Carrey also starred opposite him in the role of Death, although he went uncredited.

They eventually developed a strong friendship, which still exists today.

This time Oedekerk directed and wrote the movie after Shadyac left before filming.

The sequel proved to be more successful, surpassing the box office gross of the original.

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In 1997 he created and starred in a variety special for NBC, featuring computer animation, entitled The O Show (also known as

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