The big bang theory s6e3 online dating

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The big bang theory s6e3 online dating

Elsewhere, Amy's flirtatious gestures are lost on Sheldon; a hurt Amy tries to abandon their date.

When he demands she return to drive him home, she says she will break up with him unless he says something romantic.

When Amy finds out about Alex, she is jealous and inspects Sheldon's office despite Penny's insistence that Alex has no interest in him.

Amy and Penny later see Alex flirting with Leonard in the Caltech cafeteria, now making Penny jealous.

She asks Bernadette and Amy not to mention this to Leonard; however, Amy tells Sheldon, who cannot keep the secret but holds back from telling Leonard.

That night he wakes Penny in her apartment and tells her never to hurt his friend Leonard.

He responds with a stunningly romantic soliloquy which she finds incredibly touching until he admits quoting it from the first Spider-Man movie.

Whilst sorting out Bernadette's wedding gifts, Penny confesses being unsure of her feelings towards Leonard, and might break up with him again.

Jim Parsons won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards for the episode "The Habitation Configuration".

To simulate weightlessness, the production crew decided to use "long skinny platforms" to support the actors from below, rather than use tethers to suspend from above.

The actors were required to act out "motions of microgravity" in order to create "theatrical authenticity".

Meanwhile, Stuart joins the gang on Sheldon's condition that he act like Howard whom he is replacing as Raj's friend, so he must eat Raisinets at the movies and play the same cards as Howard during Mystic Warlords of Ka'a.

Stuart and Raj later visit a bar to meet women, reminiscent of Howard and Raj's friendship.

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Sheldon has his childhood scientific notebooks sent from home, hoping to discover Nobel Prize material in them.