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Before leaving Dallas for LA when he was 16, the actor met a girl who was going out to L. Years down the line, the gamble paid off and today he has appeared in many TV shows and Movies that number over 25.That was since 2003 when he began with the TV show, A very talented actor, Jake is a good looking man who you would expect to have been married by now, or in the least be a serious relationship.

After three months of dating one another, their relationship sadly ended after Kristin reportedly broke up with him.Jake Canuso (born Carmine Canuso; 13 January 1970) is a Swiss/Italian actor and dancer, who is best known for his role in the Benidorm-based British TV series Benidorm, in which he plays barman Mateo Castellanos.Previously a dancer, Canuso appeared dressed as a ballet dancer in the music video for 'No More I Love You's' by Annie Lennox.He also appeared in the video of Kakko's 1990 video 'We Should Be Dancing', Alex Party's 1995 hit single 'Don't Give Me Your Life' as well as the video for Carter USM's Let's Get Tattoos and 2 unlimited's 1995 hit, Here I go.Canuso can be seen dancing in the video for the 1994 hit 'Son of a Gun' by British dance DJ JX (also known as Jake Williams).

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I know that it is surprising that the actor was born as John Allen Mc Dorman IV and yet today he is known as Jake.