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Dating not settling

After all, we women can have our own children, and push comes to shove, it would be much easier for me to just have my own kids and date whomever I want on the side without being financially responsible for them.

So no matter how you look at it, I am better off alone than with a 60% guy.

I gave all my trousers to charity and started wearing bright colored dresses and skirts and high heels. I re-thought the way I speak and made an effort to not express any strong opinions.

I stopped saying “I think” and started saying “I feel.” You get the idea.

In no particular order: You say you’re not attracted to guys who are “less man” than you. But it doesn’t seem you’ve considered a couple of factors: 1) The men who are “more men than you” might not want to date you. Most women spend their whole lives overestimating men based on their credentials rather than their character.

You may be stubborn or arrogant or difficult or selfish or critical, which are qualities that often come with people who think they’re in the 90th percentile of everything. 3) A man who can handle you – and wants to commit to you – despite your flaws, is the ideal man for you.

Your willingness to date different kinds of alpha males can be considered positive. Mainly, you’re misrepresenting my use of numbers and percentages, which skews your entire argument.We can both agree that: A woman in the 90th percentile has absolutely no problem finding a man in the 60th percentile.A woman in the 90th percentile certainly doesn’t want a man who brings only 40% of the charisma.Personally, after struggling for some time with this issue and realizing that I need to start doing something differently if I am to succeed in my love quest, I have developed a new “multi-faceted strategy.”I have undergone a rather dramatic makeover.I grew long hair and dyed it blond which gave me a softer, more feminine look.

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I’d encourage other successful women to compromise instead, and on top of that to get in touch with their feminine sides and may be try to get a little less edgy. Sophie Dear Sophie, I rarely run such long comments, especially ones that don’t have a question, but I’m guessing that your sentiments are held by enough readers that this post will resonate.