Dating in your sixties

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Dating in your sixties

After all, if I spent hours in front of a mirror obsessing about my age, I'd hardly have time to be swept away by passion, would I?

And swept away is what I generally am - with one proviso.

I regarded neither of these as relationships, more frissons to show me that my blood could still reach boiling point.

A study of 3,000 men and women aged 57 to 85 revealed that 73 per cent of people aged 57 to 64, and over half of those aged 65 to 74, have active love lives.

So, is old age perfect for passion or a passionkiller?

Agony aunt Virginia Ironside is 63 and lives in West London. True, I don't talk a lot about sex with my peers - people over 60, like myself - but I strongly suspect it's because sex just isn't remotely as important to us as it used to be when we were younger.

She says: Discovering that, according to this research, age appears to be no barrier to sex, many old people may feel rather smug: "That bit of information will stop them throwing us on the scrapheap. I've also noticed that an increasing number not only sleep in separate beds to their partners, but separate rooms as well.

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  1. I kind of went along with it.” Within six weeks, the couple had attended Fashion Week in New York, the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, purchased a 0,000 house in Caledon — and separated.